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Teresa Trent writes the Pecan Bayou Series and is debuting the Piney Woods Series this month. Being a fan of the Andy Griffith Show and Murder She Wrote she loves creating quirky small towns and colorful characters.

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This is interview ten of fourteen celebrating the authors in the Happy Homicides 6: Cook Up Crime short story anthology.

When and why did you begin writing “in shorts”? Is it harder or easier than full-length novels?

I’ve been writing short stories for years. I am always involved in a novel project so stopping to write something that has to be so concise is a good way for me to keep sharp. I’ve been with Happy Homicides since the first anthology. I had written six Pecan Bayou books and decided, that’s it. I’ll move on to a new series, because how much crime can center around a tiny town in Texas? * Still though, I missed the characters. Sounds silly, right? But those families I created are my family. When Joanna Campbell Slan came along with the idea to do an anthology creating short stories and novellas featuring our most known characters I loved the idea. Betsy and her crew came back to life, and in the process, I found I couldn’t give them up. My seventh book in the series, Till Dirt Do Us Part came out in 2017 and there’s another on the schedule for this year!

* The Cabot Cove syndrome!

What is your favorite short story anthology beside the Happy Homicide series?

It is a horror anthology. Yes, I have a dark side. Dark Screams Volume 7 had a fabulous story titled A Monster Comes to Ashdown Forest which was about Christopher Robin, now an old man and the characters in the 100 Acre Wood were monsters. All I can say is watch out for Tigger.


As an author, what has been your most embarrassing moment, typo, or gaffe?

I am a hybrid author, which means some books I independently publish and others I publish through an agent and a publisher. I started out self-publishing and learned the hard way to hire an editor on my first book. One thing you find out as an author is no matter how many times you read and edit, there is a mistake in it. I re-edited my first book several times and I had a tough time stopping!

What is your favorite vacation spot to be in shorts? (I want you to say Miami, but no pressure. wink)

Forgive me, but I’m from Texas. I live close to Galveston, so go there a lot. I also love Panama City Beach and I honeymooned in the Keys

Since this edition of Happy Homicides is food themed, I have to ask—What is your favorite comfort food?

Homemade Chicken and Dumplings. My mother and grandmother were from North Carolina and they had a way with biscuit dough!

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