Oh Maria, Maria, She reminds me of a West Side Story


Maria hit Puerto Rico 15 days ago.

La Isla del Encanto is indeed enchanting. I lived there for over a year. I met my husband there (but didn’t know it at the time). I still have friends and family (in-laws and Cuban cousins). My connection to Puerto Rico is strong—- as is the USA’s connection. It is a complicated history.

Take a moment to read up on what and how Puerto Rico has contributed to the USA. Beyond the musicians and actors : Rita Moreno, Ricky Martin, Daddy Yankee, Hector Levoe, Raul Julia , Benico del Toro, and even Rosie Perez (thanks to her parents moving to NYC)– Beyond the creative talents, the USA has benefited greatly from Puerto Rico in other ways. Their beach have been used as target practice and their people have been medical guinea  pigs.

Take a moment to think about being without power and water for 15 days. If you read in Spanish even a little you should be able to make out the headlines and updates on this Puerto Rican news outlet. The island and its people are in dire need of support to help them rebuild after Maria. Here is a local grassroots fund that I recommend.

Thank you.






Presenting . . . Ossie Piñero PI (in training)!

My duet of short stories is available for download to your e-reader.





The duet is a short read at 50 pages and perfect for a lunch hour escape. At .99 cents it will be the best deal of your day. Ossie dresses like the Puerto Rican flag, finds malice in utopia, and struts to her own beat.


Here is a line from The Baby Shower:

“One of these days some girl is going to fall for your mierda. But not today, Benny,” I said, giving him a peck on the cheek. Keeping Benny on my team made good business sense. He knew about everything that was happening in el vecindario. He was the neighborhood eyes and ears.”


Do me a favor once you’ve read the stories, please leave a review and rating on whichever platform you bought it from. Also, share this blog with your friends. You never know who is a mystery reader in disguise! I found a fellow mystery fan in an artist acquaintance of mine. We’d never had a conversation about what each other read because most of our interactions revolve around art. Lo and behold, she is a  Nero Wolfe fan! So, consider yourself part of my street team and share my blog & book links. Spread the word about this fun Latina character. It will help me write her full length story quicker.