Where have I been?


Sorry to have been M.I.A. since November. No excuse other than Book Fair, Art Basel, Holidays…… and coming up I have Sleuth Fest. Sleuth Fest is the annual mystery writer’s conference put on by the Florida chapter of MWA. This year not only am I volunteering again but I am moderating/sponsoring a panel. Wow, November through February seems to be my busy season. So, why do I think it is not? Probably because I feel most creative during the cooler months. I tend to start new projects during this time of year. Case in point, I took on a monthly column. I’ll share the details once it goes public in publication.

To tide you over until I can get back to my regular interviews and posts I give you this:

Yes, my secret is out! I haven’t been busy with the “Lit Life” in actuality I’ve been busy printing money! Well… miniature money.

This is the donation jar for the miniature cat cafe I am working on.

Follow along with the progress on my Tumblr – Never too late

I promise to post cat pictures. (Well.. miniature cats.)

Go be creative~~~